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Prof. Nimai Banerjee is a famous figure in the field of Astrology. He has already written several books in Astro-Science in his regional language Odiya and in English. He edits two periodicals, “The Bhagyalipi” in odiya since 1973 and “Planets & Forecast” in English from 1981.


His Predictions on Natal & World Affairs:-

Prof. Banerjee is a great scholar. His successful predictions in individual cases are countless. Of his innumerable predictions on mundane matters the outstanding ones are, the assassinations of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, both of 1984, the devastating cyclone of Gujarat and the terrific floods in Odisha 1982, super cyclone of Odisha 1999, fall of Sri Vajpayee Ministry twice, fall of Nawab Sarif Ministry and Military rule in Pakistan in 1999 and so many others. Thus he has proven that astrology is as truer for individuals as for the world at large.

He is not only giving 100% accurate predictions on Natal Charts, as well Mundane Matters but also preparing other students to forecast accurately through his write ups and books as well as personal guidance.

Awards :-


He has been awarded hundreds of titles and awards to his credit. Doctor of Philosophy and Professor Emeritus by the East-West University of Holistic Sciences, USA (Mumbai Campus) on 1995 and D. P Gour Sirsha Jyotish Rastriya Puraskar–1999. He also received Global Excellence Award 2004 by Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith from the Governor Jammu-Kashmir, National Excellence Award 2006 on Holistic Science by the Indian Institute of Medical Science, Mumbai where he was the only man of India in this line. Viswa Yogi from International Council of Astrological and Occult Studies in 2005. Gold medal from High Commissioner Bangladesh, Vidya Sagar Samman also given to him in Bengal.


Banerjee as Matrusadhaka:-


He is the only astrologer who is a master in blending Tanta and Yoga with Astro Science. He is Tantra and Yoga Siddha who goes into yoga Samadhi twice daily and has vast experiences of Samadhi Yoga in Kundalini Sadhana. For his credit he has been awarded the title ‘Brahmaratha Samman’ and ‘Bhakti Siddhanta Siromani’ in 2000 and 2001 respectively. He also gives Dikshya for spiritual development of people and having many numbers of sishyas in country and abroad.
If anybody will go through his write- ups he can easily admits him as a great Yogi of present time. He has written hundreds of articles in Odiya language on Matrusadhana, Tantra Sadhana, Jyotish Sadhana and Swara Sadhana in various leading news papers and magazines. He has written a book on ‘Sansarira Yoga Sadhana’ meaning How to practice Yoga for a person remaining in Family ?

Banerjee in Odiya Literature:-


He was awarded “Sishu Ananta Award” by the Odisha Sahitya Academy and delivered so many speeches in various meetings in Odiya literature. He has written thousands of lyrics which have been broadcasted in A.I.R and telecasted in Doordarshan programmes.
Banerjee in Media:- For last many years he was delivering various lectures and participating in interviews by AIR, Doordarshan, many T.V. channels and to his credit he was telecasting an half an hour programme on astrology and prachya vidya in famous Orissa Television for 3 years.

Banerjee in popularising Astrology:-


He was the Chairman of Board of Studies on Jyotirvigyan in Berhampur University, Bhanja Vihar, Berhampur. Member in Board of Studies on Jyotirvigyan in Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri. Expert in preparing English-Odiya Glossary on Astrology by State Bureau of Text Book Preparation and Production, Govt. of Odisha. He has got thousand of students in India and abroad who are reading Astro-Science under his guidance. He is all out for advancement of this useful study of Astro Science blending with Tantra and Yoga.